Christ's Community Church
A podcast is a simple way to regularly receive audio files directly to your computer.  It's similar to a subscription to a magazine - except it's free!  When you subscribe to a podcast, the weekly audio file (in this case our Sunday morning message) is automatically sent to your computer as soon as the new file is uploaded to the podcast hosting site. When you use "podcatchers" like Google, Yahoo, or iTunes, they detect when a new audio file is available to download.  It's very simple.  The most common podcatcher (software that downloads podcasts to your computer), is iTunes.   If you don't necessarily want every message dowloaded on your computer, you can simply select which message you want by going to the website,  On this site, you can select any message to either listen to directly from the website, or to download onto your computer. 
Podcatchers from iTunes, Google, Yahoo, Podnova, Newsgator, or Odeo, can receive our podcast directly by going to our podhosting website, and drag the copy the url to your podcast reader symbol to the podcatcher that you have (located on the menu on the left).  This will automatically subscribe you to the podcast.
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